Anthony Road Wine Company uses only grapes grown in the Finger Lakes region to create their wines. An array of wine is produced – from dry to dessert – with a range of tastes designed to please connoisseurs and casual aficionados alike.

Anthony Road has a range of wines to please a wide variety of preferences. From dry to dessert, red and white, oak and no-oak, Johannes works to bring out, and enhance the natural characters of the grapes. Each vintage will be a bit different, because ultimately it is Mother Nature who determines which way the wine will go.

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View our varietals below.

  • 2012 Art Series Riesling

    Wet stone, rose petal, beeswax and meyer lemon help define some of the many aromas in this wine. Medium in body with a great structure, minerality and well integrated acidity. Flavors of sweet apples, lime zest and anise invite more discovery of this wine.
  • 2014 Semi-Dry Riesling

    This medium dry wine has aromas of tangerine, lemon, mango, slate and floral. On the palate, flavors of kiwi, tangerine, ruby red grapefruit and sweet, crisp apples. The wine is vibrant on the palate with a long refreshing finish.
  • 2013 Pinot Noir

    Aromas of dark cherry, smoke, sage and earth. Flavors of sweet cherries, raspberry, vanilla and blood orange linger. Tannins that start out chewy begin to mellow and become silky. The body is light but this wine lingers with honest character.