We use quality ingredients handpicked from our mountain ‘mother’, with pleasant scents that refresh the palate and tickle the imagination. The selection of grain ‘Solina’ (the oldest varieties of local wheat), Senator hats (local wheat), water sources Del Verde, acacia honey, spices and flowers come directly from the ‘Majella’ pantry.

Our goal from the beginning was to create a beer able to reconcile the taste and the genuineness of its ingredients. The beer is fermented in the bottle, free of dyes and preservatives, not filtered nor pasteurized.

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View our varietals below.

  • Cluviae

    A blonde beer, fruity, hazy yellow in colour, toned slightly acidic due to the grain and apples used, creates a particularly refreshing taste. The alcohol content is balanced, with a pleasant body, making it versatile with a combination of foods. A long maturation time allows the beer to refine and enhance its fragrance and aroma. Best paired with fresh cheese, ricotta cheese, but also medium-aged cheese and a contrast with cheeses preserved in olive oil. Sweet and sour meats, and prefect with apple tart.
  • Matthias

    An amber ale with hints of orange and a rich creamy foam. The caramel aromas, fruit and honey make it organic and full of bite. It is particularly pleasant due to the texture of soft wheat and barley. Best paired with medium-aged cheeses, white meats, liver sausages and cheese risotto. Won Bronze Metals in 2012 and 2013 for the Brussels Beer Challenge.
  • Novi Luna

    The light and compact foam characterizes this top-fermented ale. The opalescence is due to the typical un-malted cereals used in brewing. The taste of floral lavender, well balanced by the malt and the freshness of the hops, give life to this drinkable elegant ale. Best paired with cured meats, fried pizzas, focaccia and battered vegetables. Recommended as an aperitif beer.