At the beginning of 2013 we started production in our new premises, after more than three years of work and experience, we decided to continue on our journey moving to a place that would allow us to manage the increased demand with greater control.

Certainly less romantic than the previous one, the new Desio (MB) office is much more functional and will allow us to offer you a product that is more and more constant and of quality.

The beers produced by us are raw (unpasteurized), unfiltered and without any preservatives, a true natural product in which those flavors and aromas that are not perceptible in commercial beers are enhanced.
All this with the aim of creating a craft production in which we privilege the relationship between us that we produce and you passionate consumers, so that you have more security on the quality of raw materials and you can enjoy a live product.

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View our varietals below.

  • Seta Sour

    Belgian-style wit beer flavored with coriander and Italian orange peel. Highly refreshing and thirst quenching. A lactobacillus transforms seta into a smoothly acid, citric, floral and extremely dry sour beer.
  • Seta Special

    Belgian-style wit beer flavored with coriander and Italian bergamot. Highly refreshing and thirst quenching.
  • Castigamatt

    A black IPA. Aromas and flavors are intertwined in malty components and generous with American hop varieties. Dangerously drinkable, Castigamatt is the dark side of hops.
  • Smoky

    This beer is a modern interpretation of traditional rauch German beer that makes it extremely drinkable thanks to the balance between the smoked components, The sweetness of the malt as well as the bitterness of the hop. Smoky born by the skillful hands of the rural brewery and the genuine will of the domestic microbrewery "the alley" 100% friendship and passion brewing!