After many years of independently making great wine and beer, vintners Ken and Sean decide to rethink wine made from honey. They gave samples of our early work to friends who said, “Can I buy some from you?”. CRAVE mead was born! Mead is a wine made from honey, instead of grapes. In fact, one bottle of mead is made from a half-pound of honey. Imagine a fantastic wine with the aroma of honey! Simply delicious! Crave meads are packed with flavor and are made with local wildflower honey, are gluten free, and contain no added sulfites.

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See our varieties below.

  • Cranberry Orange Mead

    Cranberry Orange Mead has a lite cranberry color with honey and citrus nose of mouth-watering cranberry – slightly sharp with distinct floral notes. The slight sweetness forward is balanced by a lingering dry, acidic finish. Good structure and balance with a youthful angularity that will soften with some bottle age. Drink now or cellar up to 7 years.
  • Dry Mead

    Dry Mead opens with an incredible intensity of rich honey aroma and flavor. Full bodied with lovely texture with lingering flavors of candied sugar, and finishes long with a gentle warmth. The honey displays endless concentration in its pure, light, generous flavors. Drink now or cellar up to 7 years.
  • Lemon Thyme

    Refreshing, crisp, light body with citrus flavor complimented nicely by a tea-like finish from the thyme.
  • Mojito

    Fresh mint and lime surrounded by sweetness. Medium body with a refreshing finish.