We are proud to introduce you to Dear Mom of Portland, Oregon – producers of premium Oregon wine in a 187 ml can.

The convenience of canned wine in a single serving, with the premium quality that is expected from Oregon wine country. Packaging in cans means that the wine is better protected from UV light and Oxygen. Single Servings of wine eliminate the waste of partial bottles being dumped down the drain. Economical and convenient to take on the go, and safe to drink in places where glass is taboo.

Dear Mom was founded to pay homage to the women who created us – this is a toast to them! With a percentage of all sales going toward charities that benefit women around the globe, Dear Mom is dedicated to providing a premium and convenient wine experience that will have a far-reaching impact – it is a wine with a mission!

1 Can = 1 standard 6 oz. glass of wine
1 Four Pack = 1 standard 750ml bottle of wine

Learn more at https://dearmomwine.com/

View our Varietals Below.

  • Rose

    50% Syrah and 50% Malbec

    The rose’ is 100% dry but the first thing you notice is the presence of a mouthful of bright fruit. The nose shows fresh picked strawberries with the stem still attached. Vibrant with a subtle floral tone. The palate is bright with characteristics of strawberries and watermelon sorbet. The acidity on the finish is 100% refreshment and makes you wish for just one more sip.
  • White Blend

    A Blend of Viognier, Marsanne and Roussanne

    Our Mom loves to travel and remembers a time before we were born when she tripped away to Marseilles and took a road trip through the south of France. She would spend the afternoon under the shade of an olive tree in the field next to a vineyard she would stumble into - eating bread, cheese and olives, and drinking bottles of delicious white wine.

    This year’s Oregon White blend is a tribute to those wines - Viognier, Marsanne and Roussanne grown sustainably and at high elevation in the Rogue Valley and Applegate Valley of southern Oregon. The higher elevation allows for nighttime cool air to pass through which lends a positive influence by adding acidity, and character. We love the intense aromatics which remind us of wild lavender and citrus, and the palate shows some crisp notes and stone fruit along with hints of meyer lemon and more savory herbs like rosemary.
  • Red Blend

    90% Syrah and 10% Viognier

    When we were deciding on what kind of red wine to make and put in cans, there was a feeling we couldn't escape. With all of the vineyard choices we could make , we wanted to make a wine that would have an appearance, body and mouthfeel, and fruit presence which screams "drink me outside." It also happens to be a style of red with the type of acid, and fruit which seems utterly appropriate for sitting at a picnic bench, devouring charcuterie and cheese.