De Bos Handpicked Vineyards is a new and exciting range of wines created by the Bosman family. The 8th generation family owned winery also has one of the most successful vine nurseries in the Southern Hemisphere and as a result gives the winemaking team of De Bos Handpicked Vineyards access to close to 50 different grape varieties to make wines from.

The name “De Bos” is the name of the Walker Bay Vineyards owned by the Bosman family and the Adama Appollo Workers Trust.

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  • De Bos Walker Bay 47 Varietal Rosé

    Walker Bay, South Africa 2014 “We harvest the grapes for the Rosé just like my Mom would go into the garden to scout for the most beautiful roses for that day to put together the prettiest bouquet possible...”-Eight Generation Petrus Bosman, MD Bosman Family Vineyards. This plush coral hued Rosé is made of 47 varietals with Cinsult, Clairette Blanche and Ugni Blanc as the top three. It exhibits a mix of strawberry and cranberry notes and is very pleasant on the palate with a long, persistent fruit finish. Can be enjoyed as an aperitif, on its own and with light dishes, raw seafood and salads. To be enjoyed within 1-3 years of vintage date.
  • De Bos Sur Lie 100% Chenin Blanc

    Wellington, South Africa 2014 Sunny days and well-drained slopes of the different areas of the Bovlei Valley vineyard lends itself to the elegance of this medium-full bodied crisp Chenin Blanc. This wine’s vibrant green rim exhibits fresh citrus aromas of pineapple and peach notes. This wine is a fantastic aperitif while also a excellent “food-wine” pairing well with regional shellfish, salads, pastas and grilled chicken.