Dom. de Guillon Blanc

Our way of growing our vineyard follows environmentally friendly methods and we harvest our grapes by hand. A first sorting out of the grapes is made in the vineyards and a second one is made on a table where the best grapes are selected. Every summer, we carry out a selective pruning of unripe grapes, which allows us to control the development of the vine and improve the balance of every stock in order to better the quality of the grapes. During the wine making process, we only use indigenous yeasts (naturally present in the grapes and needed for alcoholic fermentation). All this is done with the greatest respect of the environment and of our traditions. The 2015 vintage is very promising. The hot Summer weather combined with rare showers of rain have, of course , greatly influenced the growth of the vine. We rapidly noticed that the production was lower (minus 40 % ) than usually but the grapes were fine, only smaller than in the previous years. The Guillons are confident ,the raw material is of high quality , the know-howis here , the 2015 vintage will fill you with great emotions.

  • Côtes de Gascogne blanc

    The Côtes de Gascogne blanc is a vibrant pale green in colour. It has a rich aroma with a touch of fruit, hints of grapefruit and white peach. It is lively on the palate with a balanced finish. A very refreshing and festive wine.