The sun comes up, the sun sets, the rains come and go and the cold and the heat rotate around the years.  And that is as it has been for thousands of years here in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.  Somewhere, on the side of one of those hills sits our little cider orchard.

Sometimes, we marvel at our hard work: “I grafted those thousand trees, I grew those apples, I built that barn, I put up that trellis.” There is honed skill and hard labor involved in growing a crop, and making good cider. But in the end, what makes what we do worth doing is a sense of the magic: in leaves absorbing sunlight, roots seeking minerals, raptors hunting mice and apples in the fall.

Here is a vintage of cider, which will never be repeated, reflecting the lives of trees in this one spot for this one year. Here are ciders that are elegant, feral, and mischievous. Here are ciders that surprise and transcend. We hope you enjoy them.

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View our varietals below.

  • Albee Hill Still & Dry

    Beeswax, sage smoke, petrol and stone fruit on the nose. A soft and chalky mouthfeel with flavors of peaches, limes and leather. The finely balanced finish is warm and dusty with rich espresso, tart apricots and more peaches. This dry, tannic cider should be served at cellar temperature : ~55 degrees. Pair with nutty cheeses like cave aged cheddar, savory meats like Merguez sausage, and all manner of vegetables, especially grilled.
  • Beckhorn Hollow Dry Sparkling

    Aromas swirl from raw honey to white clover blossoms to fresh lake breeze. The palate is a striking contrast to the nose with juicy kumquat, toasted hazelnuts and chamomile. The sweet floral, tart citrus and bitter citrus peel elements have seamless integration in a balanced structure. Bright acid and silty tannin are equal in the finish which is long and lingering with more honey, citrus and a bit of candied peel. With mouthwatering acidity, this sparkler is an ideal welcome drink or aperitif. Pair with foods that have citrus elements like ceviche, fish tacos with salsa fresca, or Moroccan tagine.
  • Darling Creek Semi-Dry Sparkling

    The nose starts with ripe, ripe, red fruit which yields to complex aromas of apple blossoms, marzipan, cream soda and tamari. The palate is soft and full, reminiscent of white wine but with the juicy flavors of limeade and salted pretzels. The finish is red cherry preserves with vanilla bean and silty tannin for miles. Pair this cider with pork of almost any kind, especially cured meats and charcuterie.
  • Essence Ice Cider

    Aromas browned butter and brown sugar mingle with cinnamon baked apple. The mouthfeel is viscous with flavors of lemoncurd and caramel. The finish is mocha and spice cookie with plenty of acid to carry the sugar on a long finish. Ice cider is made to be, or to accompany, dessert. For elegant simplicity, pair with a rich bleu cheese. It also excels with warm spice desserts like a ginger cookie, or creamy desserts like crème caramel or crustless cheese cake.