Jeptha Creed: Shelbyville, Kentucky, Born and Raised


This mother-daughter team crafts unique products from high quality ingredients straight from their family-owned farm. Family heritage of farming dating back to the 1700s is just one of the many reasons Jeptha Creed is one of Kentucky’s groundbreaking distilleries.

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View our varieties below.


    Bloody Butcher's Creed 6-Month Whiskey

    46% | 92 PROOF

    Jeptha Creed debuted its limited edition Master Distiller’s Select Bloody Butcher’s Creed Whiskey at Fred Minnick’s Minibar during Bourbon And Beyond. This 6-month-old, 92-proof whiskey is now available for a limited time while supplies last—and only at select retailers in Kentucky, the Jeptha Creed Distillery gift shop, and at select retailers in Rhode Island.


    • MASH NOTES: High wheat and high rye blend from staves and used bourbon barrels.
    • SIGHT: Transparent apricot hues.
    • NOSE: Red cherry, honey crisp apple, smells like a country day.
    • PALATE: Rich almond marzipan flavor with a citrus twist and floral undertones.
    • FINISH: Short sweet toffee finish.

    Honey Vodka

    40% | 80 PROOF

    Our sweet and golden honey notes didn’t come from a bear-shaped bottle – they were created by the honey bees right here on our farm. The velvety flavor of our Honey Vodka drinks beautifully neat or mixed into a custom cocktail like our Campfire Delight.


    • MASH NOTES: Bourbon mash bill & vodka yeast.
    • SIGHT: Opaque with unstrained nuggets of natural honey.
    • NOSE: Shortbread cookie with hints of honey, wheat bread, & almond.
    • PALATE: Cane sugar and cereal notes with elements of pine nuts and flora.
    • FINISH: Warm & rich grain sweetness with a full, round mouthfeel.

    Louisville Lemonade Moonshine

    30% | 60 PROOF

    We took a cue from our quirky neighbor city and crafted a signature beverage with its namesake. Just like the lemonade your grandma makes, our Louisville Lemonade Moonshine is tangy with just the right amount of pulp and sweetness. Enjoy it straight or twist it in with a tea as you sip it on the porch during a summertime sunset.


    • MASH NOTES: Four-Grain corn mash.
    • SIGHT: Bright Citrus w/ fresh lemon pulp.
    • NOSE: Fresh burst of lemon and light floral notes.
    • PALATE: Lemon drop with hints of soft corn & fresh lemonade.
    • FINISH: Round mouthfeel with a balancing both sweet & tart.

    Original Vodka

    40% | 80 PROOF

    Crafted from Heirloom Bloody Butcher corn and distilled for maximum purity of flavor, our Original Vodka is so smooth, George Clooney could take lessons. Sit back and sip it neat or blend it into a custom cocktail.


    • MASH NOTES: Bourbon mash bill & vodka yeast.
    • SIGHT: Crystal Clear & bright with a unique sparkle.
    • NOSE: Fresh golden apple with hints of cake batter.
    • PALATE: Clean & delicate with hints of white cherry & lavender.
    • FINISH: Warm & balanced with a hint of sweetness.

    40%| 80 PROOF

    Spicy pepper kick adds a little flavor to your day to spice things up! Perfect for a Sunday Bloody Mary.


    • MASH NOTES: Our 100% corn vodka infused with Serrano peppers, Jalapeno peppers, Anaheim peppers, and garlic.
    • SIGHT: Translucent Dirty Martini, first signs of spring growth.
    • NOSE: Extremely strong, vegetable garden after a rain, fresh pepper and garlic, pasta dish from an Italian grandmas kitchen.
    • PALATE: Sweet Heat explosion that awakens your taste buds.
    • FINISH: Long spicy lingering finish that stays with you through the next Bloody Mary.