Ktima Brintziki is a producer of indigenous, rare varietals and is Greece’s first green winery.  Located in the Ilian region of the Peloponnese near the sacred town of Ancient Olympia, the family-owned property is certified organic and completely carbon-neutral through the use of renewable solar and geothermal energy. They grow indigenous varietals – some, like the Tinatorogos, old enough to be referenced by Homer – and use natural yeast for most of their wines. Philosophically, the Brintzikis believe that organic certification is the modern expression of what their ancestors did for thousands of years – to farm simply, and treat the land and people with enduring respect. Their 15 hectare, clay-soil property sits 300m above sea level near the moisture-producing river Enipeas.

The Brintziki family has been growing vines on the property since 1932. The winemaker, Dionysios “Sakis” Brintziki, was raised on the estate. He and his wife, Dioynsia, originally both professional musicians, took over the family wine making business in 1994. Together with the celebrated oenologist Dr. George Kotscrides, who has worked for highly awarded estates of Chateau Magdaleine, Chateau Petrus, and Chateau Calon-Segur, the family showcases wines that are beautiful, authentic demonstrations of the diversity that Greece has to offer.

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  • Tinaktorogos

    This wine is made from 100% Aproudes grapes. It has medium, balanced acidity and a rich, delicate finish. This wine pairs well with poultry, salads and white cheese. Only 450 cases made.