The winemaking roots of the Michel ARNOULD family date back to the end of the last century. At this time, the Lefevre grandparents were farming vines in the Grand Cru soils in Verzenay but they were only working in the vineyards, the grapes themselves being sold to the Champagne Houses in the village who had presses.

After the collapse of grape prices in 1929 and the rebellion this caused, Henri Lefevre decided to make his own Champagne so he then kept some of his production for himself. His first bottles were commercialsed, mainly locally, at the beginning of the 30’s.His son André, once he had invested in a tank and a ‘Coquard’ press, increased the production. As from the end of World War 2, adopting simultaneously the roles of salesman and winemaker, he travelled all over France to introduce his wines.

At the beginning of the 60’s the marriage beween his grand-daughter Françoise and Michel Arnould mark the birth of the Champagne Michel Arnould which gives another dimension to the business. Acquisition of a house and a large plot of land 28 rue de Mailly, acquisition of one hectare of Grand Cru vines in Verzenay, the construction of a building of 1500m² and the purchase of two 4000kg presses all contribute to increasing the production capacity of the farm. Michel Arnould will also be at the origin of the expansion oveseas with, as from 1972, an important export market to England.

Today his son Patrick and son-in-law Thierry carry on the family tradition. And tomorrow, with the arrival of their children, the 6th generation will continue to affirm their identity as winegrowers/winemakers, creating always more authentic cuvees and further developing the commerce of their seniors.

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  • Traditional Grand Cru

    100% Pinot Noir

    A Blanc de Noirs Grand Cru, this cuvee is the pure expression of Pinot Noir grown on the Grand Cru terroir of Verzenay. This champagne strikes a harmonious balance between freshness, finesse and a certain winey quality. Pale gold in color with a thick stream of creamy bubbles. A rich nose filled with notes of yellow peach, cassis and chalk. The palate is very fruity and rich, with notes of white peach and cassis, and it citrusy finish. The Brut is perfect as an aperitif, to accompany a pork tenderloin with apricots or with a fruitcake. The Demi-Sec pairs well with any dessert.

    90 Points- Guy and Gallard