Mike & Molly Hendry Zinfandel

R.W. Moore Vineyard
Napa, California

This special Zinfandel from Moore Vineyard derives from 100 year old vines indigenous to California. These “historic” vines were preserved when Zinfandel was being pulled out and replaced by Chardonnay. To this day about 2.5% of the vines in Napa are Zinfandel vines when they were once 90%. It is known that older vines make distinctive wine, think of “old world” European styles. This Zinfandel exhibits traditional notes of raspberry, blackberry, anise and some pepper on the finish. The style is distinctive Hendry with respectful balance of tannins. It is a food friendly wine at a customer friendly price.

Mike and Molly Hendry

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Date: September 12, 2013