The soul of Sparkling Pointe was born more than twenty years ago, when Tom and Cynthia Rosicki first met at a debutante ball at the Waldorf Astoria. Weeks later, with a bottle of Champagne they toasted their first date. Cruising the Chesapeake Bay on their honeymoon, still only months later, they stocked their boat with many vintages and types of Champagne and Sparkling Wines. And through the years, they became lovers of the romance and magic of Champagne.

As residents and lovers of Long Island’s North Fork, Tom and Cynthia witnessed the birth and growth of North Fork wine development, and they wanted to be part of it.

A year later, after secured ground had been prepared by Steve Mudd, the pre-eminent vineyard developer and manager, he asked Tom and Cynthia what kind of wine they wanted to produce. They looked at each other with sparkles in their eyes. They both answered at the same time, “Champagne!” Steve replied that there was only one winemaker for this project, Gilles Martin, a talented and international winemaker, who had previously worked with a major French Champagne House.

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View our varieties below.

  • Sparkling Pointe Brut

    Made by traditional Méthode Champenoise, the wine’s fine effervescence composes a symphony of tiny bubbles. A lot of complexity is revealed in this toasty wine with ripe pear and apple notes. This wonderful Brut is a model of harmony.
  • Sparkling Pointe Cuvée Carnaval

    With a pale gold color, this sweeter style – demi sec – wine shows a nose of ripe pear with wonderful floral notes. The palate features a mild sweetness, yet balanced with bright acidity. A long and lingering finish of fresh lychee. Great for Thai food!